The Bill and Melinda Gates Deceptive PR Machine in Action

The $1-million bribe from Bill and Melinda Gates to buy the trust of teachers, children and parents that they stabbed in the back with $200 million+.

Crazy Normal – the Classroom Exposé

The art of manipulation and fooling people has become an industry of deception.

For instance, Katie Couric interviews Melinda Gates about the Gates Foundation’s pledge to donate $1 million to DonorsChoose. Melinda Gates says that million will go to help teachers.

To discover the obvious, The reports “Public school teachers spent $1.6 billion of their own money on classroom supplies and gear in the 2012-2013 school year.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates contribution represents only 0.625 percent of what public school teachers spend annually on classroom supplies and gear. But that $1 million from Bill and Melinda will buy good press and PR worth a lot more—another agenda that will destroy the public schools.

To discover the real agenda of Bill and Melinda Gates, let’s look at how much they spent to destroy the public schools through the rank and yank agenda of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)…

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2 responses to “The Bill and Melinda Gates Deceptive PR Machine in Action”

  1. “Look! My hand is reaching, pointing far off to the left, see? Follow it. (Don’t pay any attention to my other hand, busily handing out stacks of cash…) no, look over there, where I’m pointing… See the answer? It’s coming… coming… coming…”

    We always fall for the oldest trick in the book. It’s not even funny anymore.

    1. What’s even worse is that the far right—Koch brothers and the Walton family among others—is hitching a ride on that hand pointing off to the left to further their agenda to replace the public schools with private sector, for-profit, corporate owned schools that are above and beyond the education laws, because the Constitution and Bill of Rights only protects children, parents and teachers from abuse in the democratically run public schools and not from corporations. To defend against a corporation, us mortals have to go to court and lawyers are really expensive—and corporations have the money to buy as many lawyers as they want.

      Now that the conservative dominated U.S. Supreme Court has recognized that corporations are people, that means we finally have a defined class of mortal, blood-sucking vampires.

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