John Ogozolak’s Choice: Clean a Septic Tank or Grade a Test?

Worth reading to understand the horrors caused by the Obama administration on the public schools. If ever a president wanted to destroy the country he ruled, what the Obama’s administration is doing is exactly the road map to follow. And I voted for this fool twice. Never again. As far as I’m concerned the Democratic Party is on notice that they are about to lose my vote and it won’t go to the GOP. I
The United States needs a new political party for the independent voters who can think for themselves.

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John Ogozokak, a high school teacher in upstate New York, ponders here which is the more meaningful task: to clean a septic tank or to grade a standardized test:

About a half dozen years ago the septic tank lurking beside our old farmhouse went kerflooey. I dug out the top of the rusty thing and it was clear something VERY wrong had happened. I’ll spare you the graphic details but suffice to say I had to rig up a temporary pipe until the experts could arrive days later. It was a smelly, nasty job. But as I was standing there, ankle deep in crap under a beautiful spring sky, I found myself wondering……would I rather be doing THIS or dealing with some of the nonsense I encounter every day in school -like inflicting mindless standardized tests on students.

I vote for the septic tank. And, not just mine. No, I’d…

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