Breaking News: Florida League of Women Voters Releases Bombshell Charter Study

More evidence that the fake education reform movement is full of corruption and fraud. First, Ohio lost $1.5 billion and has closed more than 150 corporate run/private sector Charters; then the study that found in 15 states, $135 million in fraud in the fake reform education sector, and now Florida joins the list. Then there’s the fact that the fake education reform movement re-segregates schools and ejects at-risk children—mostly minorities who live in poverty. There’s more but this is what I remember as I Reblog this post from #DianeRavitch.

Diane Ravitch's blog

The Florida League of Women Voters just released a bombshell study of charters across the state. The study shows that charter schools do not perform better than public schools; that charters are more segregated than public schools; that many charters funnel money to religious organizations; that a significant number of charters operate for profit; and that the charter industry has captured control of key seats in the legislature.

Here is the press release. Open the links and read the study. At the end of the press release is a list of state legislators identified by the LWV with “Conflict of Interest Concerns.”

May 27, 2014

Deirdre Macnab
LWVF President
Phone: (407) 415-4559
League of Women Voters Releases

State-Wide Study on School Choice

Tallahassee, Fla — Twenty percent of the state’s charter schools close because of financial mismanagement or poor academic standards, according to the…

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