Sol Stern Thinks Common Core Is About “Rich Curriculum”

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If one is going to entitle a post, A Sorry Attack on the Common Core, which is what Sol Stern did on March 2, 2014, one should really be certain that one’s logic is flawless.

Otherwise, someone might come along and write a post that rips through those weaknesses in logic and, well, show just how “sorry” a rebuttal the Sorry post is.

There was sooo much to address regarding Stern’s Sorry post that my original draft ran upwards 4,000 words. In order to reduce the length, I cut some sections and included them here for those who wish to read on.

Who Is Sol Stern? Setting the Stage

Who is Sol Stern? you ask.

Allow me to provide some background on Stern and his involvements.

Stern is a Manhattan Institute for Policy Research (MI) “scholar.” The MI has a board of trustees noticeably heavy on hedge fund managers; it…

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