How Much Do You Do Before You Click “Publish”?

Before I click “publish”, I follow a step-by-step process and once that process is completed, I click.

But the process is longer and has more steps for a book-length manuscript that I’m planning to sell to readers compared to the editing process for a post that’s free to read.

For example, Hemingway had a process. He worked on one-page a day. He wrote the rough draft of that one page, and then edited and revised until he was satisfied. Then he never (or seldom looked back). His writing day could be a few hours or many depending on how he felt about that one-page.

The next day, he wrote the next-page following the same process. Of course, he had a great editor called Max Perkins who edited Hemingway’s manuscripts before publication. Therefore, maybe adding that one step—a professional editor you trust—would be a good idea for a book-length manuscript.

Luanne Castle: Poetry and Other Words (and cats!)

The other day I posted to a friend in a private forum that if I had known that my Writer Site post was going to be Freshly Pressed I might have spent a little more time on it. I could have read it with a critical eye–expanded some passages, perhaps cropped others. I could have edited more.

As I pondered this notion, I thought I could have added some research, links, more images or videos, and doodads to jazz it up, too.  Or not.  Maybe that wouldn’t have been a good idea. The story needed to speak for itself.

My mind went back and forth and all around, wondering if I could have done more.  Have you ever felt that way?  Like maybe if you could just have a do-over.

But even as I was writing and thinking (thoughts going more RPMs than the written words), I thought how…

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3 responses to “How Much Do You Do Before You Click “Publish”?”

  1. Write more! Thats all I have to say.

    1. I am writing more all the time. Thanks.

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