What parenting method works best?

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  1. The self-esteem boosting, follow your dreams and be happy all the time parenting method that many white parents in America practice.
  2. The practice known as tiger parenting as seen in Amy Chua’sBattle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and/or Anchee Min’sThe Cooked Seed—both memoirs.

Lylah M. Alphonse, Senior Editor of Yahoo! Shine reported on May 9 about “a recently released decade-long study of 444 Chinese-American families shows that the effect tiger parents have on their kids is almost exactly the opposite,” and that a controlling Chinese-style parent does not drive his or her child to success.

The conclusion was that “Tiger parenting doesn’t produce superior outcomes in kids.”

I disagree, and here’s why:

Studying 444 Chinese-American families does not provide enough information.

Instead, the study should expand in its scope and include all Asian Americans in addition to Pacific Islanders, because these cultures encourage stricter parenting methods and…

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3 responses to “What parenting method works best?”

  1. parents are very important to a child’s education if a kid can’t read later in life, it is the parents fault

    1. I agree. Without the parents teaching children a love of books and reading years before the children start school, it is usually a losing battle for teachers.

  2. Reblogged this on iLook China and commented:

    In Asian American culture, parents support their children and regulate their behavior, but in very different ways than White American parents.
    Source: http://mcclellandinstitute.arizona.edu/sites/mcclellandinstitute.arizona.edu/files/ResearchLink2_1.pdf

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