It is through movements such as the Occupy Movement that the American people, that Silent Majority President Reagan used as an excuse for his destructive economic policies that started the US down the path that led to the 2007-08 global financial crises, that the average American has a voice.

Now, with the Internet, that voice is louder. This Reblogged post speaks to that power.

The American people never really ruled the United States through the vote or more Americans would vote. For most elections, about only a third to half of eligible voters cast ballots. Most Americans feel left out and avoid voting. But through movements such as Occupy and the recent teachers strike in Chicago, working American may be heard.

For example, in Chicago, if the teachers were not organized through a labor union, how would the nation have heard their voice?

In fact, labor unions are more democratic than the American government is. In labor unions, the president of the union is elected by the membership and a labor contract is voted up or down by the membership. However, in Washington D.C. the president of the US is elected by the 500+ members of the Electoral College, not by the American people and the US budget is decided behind closed doors by elected officials in both houses of Congress, not the American people, who have no voice when it comes to how the US government spends the taxpayers money. Instead, the top 1% and corporations have more influence on members of Congress and all US presidents.

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