Good for you. I have been a vegan since 1981. I did it for health reasons and never looked back. In fact, I haven’t had the common cold since 1981 either. I seldom if ever get headaches or an upset stomach… Oh, and my doctor says that 80% of people my age are on one or more medications for lifestyle health problems. I take no medications and do not have to struggle to maintain a healthy weight. It’s easy to stay between 180 – 190 pounds and I stand 6 ft 4 in and do not restrict how much I eat and vegan food tastes great. In fact, vegans eat more types of food than the average American, who mostly eats about a half dozen different foods (cheese, milk, white bread, potatoes, meat, sodas, cake, candy, chips) while vegans may eat hundreds of different types of whole, natural and unprocessed foods.

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