The True Value of American Idol – Part 2/2

The real danger posed by alleged racist, money mongering Internet Troll sites such as the “Worsters” at Vote for the is that if the viewers stop tuning in to watch American Idol and the show is cancelled, the opportunity for tens of thousands of potential music-industry artists will vanish. Then we may see a return to the old ways of becoming discovered, which means many will not stand a chance.

Phillip Phillips won season 11, but he was not the most talented singer. In fact, “When asked if he thought he would prevail after Tuesday night’s top two competition show, an incredulous Phillip gave powerhouse runner-up Jessica Sanchez—who some fans might argue was ‘robbed’—total props, answering: ‘No! Did you see Jessica’s last performance?’ Phillips also cited a standout performance by another powerhouse, Joshua Ledet’s ‘It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World,’ as one of his favorites of the entire season.”

Jessica is no “bot” as she sings with Jennifer Holliday

To explain the Worsters’ success, Ruchard Rushfield, the author of ‘American Idol: The Untold Story’ says, “But Idol voters aren’t thinking like record producers, according to Rushfield. “You have this alliance between young girls and grandmas and they see it, not necessarily as a contest to create a pop star competing on the contemporary radio, but as…who’s the nicest guy in a popularity contest,” he says, “And that has led to this dynasty of four, and possibly now five, consecutive, affable, very nice, good-looking white boys.” Source: ABC News

Therefore, viewers that stop watching American Idol because white boys with guitars win supported by the alleged racist Worster Internet Trolls may hurt undiscovered talent. In fact, without American Idol, even Phillip Phillips would not have had a chance to compete and win.

Phillip Phillips singing with John Fogerty – Bad Moon Rising

Although finalists such as Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone (for example) did not win, these talented individuals may not be losers.  A few, as other finalist losers have done, will sign contracts and record singles and/or albums and if they have an audience of fans that love their work, they will succeed.  In fact, some finalists have been more successful than winners.

If we compare the winners of the previous four seasons that the Worsters claim to have helped win, we learn who the real winners are.

When we add up the sales numbers of the winners from seasons seven through ten, the sales of albums add up to less than three million in combined sales while one white boy with a guitar, Lee DeWyze of Season 9, sold less than 150,000 albums.

For example, Taylor Hicks, the winner of season 5 in 2006 (two years after the launch of the Worsters’ site), lost the real compeititon in the marketplace to two finalist losers, Chris Daugherty (4th place) and Kellie Pickler (6th place) , and we discover that these two so-called losers have sold more than 8 million albums compared to Hicks, who sold less than 800,000.

It is obvious that even in 2006, the Worsters’ site and its gullible followers (mostly young women and grandmas) were starting to have an impact, which has angered many other viewers that do not belong to this group of new-age narcissistic Trolls (that may not even watch American Idol but only vote as directed by the leader of the Worsters), and the real fans are leaving because they are angry and do not understand that thanks to the Worsters the show is now rigged, which would be illegal in sporting events.

For another example, David Archuleta (season 7) and Adam Lambert (season 8) both finalists that lost and signed contracts anyway went on to sell more than a million copies each. In fact, the combined sales of finalists that did not win on American Idol, but signed contracts, total more than 18 million albums sold. If American Idol had not existed, this would not have happened.

In fact, if we compare the numbers of albums sold from the winners of the first-four seasons with the last six starting in 2006, we see a dramatic shift. Combined sales of the winners from the first-four seasons add up to about 30 million albums. After season four, as the Worsters gained recognition and support from other false self-esteem driven Trolls, sales dropped through the floor to less than 6 million while the so-called circle of losers that signed contracts sold more than 11 million.

Phillip Phillips singing with John Fogerty – Have You Ever Seen

Therefore, every time a fan of American Idol stops watching the show because a less talented white boy with a guitar wins, those viewers are only helping alleged racist Internet Trolls–driven by a false sense of self-esteem and entitlement–known as the Worsters to ruin it for everyone even future white boys with guitars.

To discover the real winners that compete on American Idol, we have to wait and see how many albums these artists that landed in the so-called losers’ circle sell to their fans.

I suspect that these Worsters are examples of young adults that were raised by parents that pushed a false sense of self-esteem on their children, and these bitter, entitled, narcissistic adult children cannot stand competitions where talent and merit count more than just dreams and mediocrity. Instead, the Worsters hate the real world where merit is the only way most people succeed.

Worsters were raised to believe that all one had to do was dream of fame and it would arrive without effort until, as adults, reality taught them the truth and now they are jealous and want to ruin it for artists that are willing to work hard and risk failure to have a chance at success.

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Lloyd Lofthouse, a former U.S. Marine and Vietnam Veteran, is the award winning author of The Concubine Saga.

His latest novel is Running with the Enemy. Blamed for a crime he did not commit while serving in Vietnam, his country considers him a traitor. Ethan Card is a loyal U.S. Marine desperate to prove his innocence or he will never go home again.

And the woman he loves and wants to save was trained to hate and kill Americans.

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    The world may want to learn a lesson from the “Worsters” that follow recommendations at “Vote for the” as if they were lemmings. The Worsters mostly represent the US generation raised with a false, inflated sense of self esteem leading to millions of narcissistic young American adults that value mediocrity over achievement through merit. No culture/nation has ever survived with this attitude leading the way.

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